Current Work in Progress

Romantic Historical Western Novel

I plan on documenting my progress on this project here. I’ve never tried to write a whole novel before. I guess I’m hoping for group collaboration. Since I’m not an expert, as soon as I post something stupid, glaringly anti-literary, break grammar rules, offend someone unintentionally, put something in that doesn’t fit the time period, or my research needs to be researched some more, etc., please jump in and point it out as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid. I accept help in all forms be it critique, insult, coddling, persuading, or a knock up side the head.

Since I’m new at WordPress, it just occurred to me that I probably need to put this Current Work in Progress into some other format other than a page. I’m going to go read my WP book some more and come back and try to repair this. Hang in there with me. I’m a work in progress no matter how you look at it.